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Radnor Middle School10

Wayne, PA | Delaware County


August 18, 2014

RMS suffers from very poor leadership. Many things are poorly managed and poorly communicated and the teachers are alternately demoralized and contented that the building leaders don't watch and don't care. The school does a particularly bad job with boys and many parents pull their sons out to private schools. Core academics are weak, not enough writing, very poor math that falls apart at the high school. Class sizes are way more than promised at 25-28. The school board has been trying to push out the principal for years with no success yet. One assistant principal quit mid year he was so fed up with being blamed for the principal's incompetence. PLUSES: The school building is amazing it's brand new and wonderful, with great light and windows and space and located right in the middle of a beautiful town so lots of kids walk. The music department is huge and does great things with the huge amount of resources its given. Parent volunteers put together a couple of great after school clubs. The PTO is loaded but they don't do anything meaningful with the money. The girls seems to feel very empowered and do better academically, though the mean girl and drama factor is bad.

Submitted by a parent

April 28, 2013

This is not the Radnor of old......I am profoundly dissatisfied with the Radnor School District. I have had first hand experience with 2 generations of children, approx. 15 years apart, going thru the system. It once WAS a top notch district...WOW, what a stunning decline!! Don't get me wrong, the teachers are very nice and they mean well but the curriculum is seriously flawed, especially the new "CommonCore" curriculum. (It's actually a little scary once you start to dissect it) Also, the teachers tell me they are under pressure to "Teach for the tests", the PSSA's, ERB's, Keystone exams etc. This is how the District will be RATED. It's all about the ratings!! Ratings equal money, ratings do NOT equal the student's actual knowledge. The majority of the School Board members live in a dream world, yearly tax increases, crying how tight the budget is and now VOLUNTARILY pushing for full day kindergarten classes WITHOUT the input of the residents. I personally know 3 families who are pulling out their kids, 1 family is moving out of the District altogether. Don't be fooled by it's past reputation.....the Radnor Schools we knew in the past no longer exist. Very sad......

Submitted by a parent

March 11, 2012

Radnor middle school is a horrible school. First of all it has a horrible science department. When I used to go there I would not be able to learn a thing and i would always listen to what my teacher said. This school is horrible overall. Do not take ur kids to this school because it will not teach them anything and they will be extremly dissappointed with the school. I suggest you take ur kids to a private middle school where they will be challenged.

March 24, 2010

I love this school and all but..im haveing major trouble in math and radnors just not helping me and actually im thinking of switxhing schools!!

Submitted by a student

December 4, 2008

I was having a little trouble in math and my math teacher helped me through it. Now I'm getting all A's!

Submitted by a student

April 20, 2003

Our son is the object of careful evaluation of both his intellectual ability and his psychological problems. I was impressed by the competence of these people. Having had six children in three generations, I was able to compare: never seen anything like this before in two contries.

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