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Find out how The JRS Realty Group has mastered the quote that their founder created, "When preparation meets opportunity, success is inevitable" - John Salkowski

If you are you thinking of selling now or in near or far future, this book is an absolute must read. Here what others have said about our book.


By Caroline R. April 9, 2018

DO NOT SELL UNTIL YOU READ THIS BOOK. As we all know or some of you may be learning, selling your home can be an extremely stressful venture. You will require professional guidance if you truly want every dollar possible from your home. John Salkowski highlights the steps you will follow in intimate detail. The format laid out in this book is a formula to accomplish your sales goal minus the added stress. It is a unique combination of real estate insider's tips and John's own motivational self improvement advice. John's passion and drive for success is undoubtedly fueled by his passion to help his own clientele. Whether you are a first time seller or you have been down this road before, this book is guaranteed to provide eye opening advice on how to properly prepare and sell your home.

As our gift to you, I am offering my book for free to serious sellers only. I will cover the cost of the book, all that I ask from you is that you cover the cost of shipping and handling. To learn more fill out the form on this page.

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